Artistic Voices


Curated by Terry Fogarty, Artistic Voices showcase over 100 individuals who have contributed to the long and rich heritage of artistic endeavours that reflect the cultural diversity of Willoughby City. Their contributions cover a variety of artistic fields such as architects, artists, actors, dancers, film producers, musicians, photographers, playwrights, poets, puppeteers, radio personalities, sculptors, singers, television personalities, writers.

Critics Review

List of Voices

  • architects
  • artists
    • William Bennett
    • Theresa Brynes
    • Mieke Cohen
    • Joyce Ewart
    • Ruth Faerber
    • Mollie Flaxman
    • Fred Goss
    • Allan Greave
    • Edmund Harvey
    • Erik Langker
    • Lionel Lindsay
    • Bryam Mansell
    • Katherine Martin
    • Margaret Preston
    • Patti Somerset
    • Allan Waite
    • Shane Haurama
    • Hamish Graham
    • Painters associated with the Workshop Arts Centre
  • actors
    • Errol Flynn
    • Leonard Teale
    • John Jarratt
    • Ruth Cracknell
    • Noni Hazelhurst
    • Rebecca Gilling
    • Willie Fennell
    • Zoe Carides
    • Gia Carides
    • North Shore Drama: Emily Rose Brennan, Catherine Terracini, Jacob Allan, aryanne Gifford, Emma Palmer, Rebecca Johnston. George Spartels, Robert Jago, Pearl Tan, Anthony Skuse, Julia Ohannessian, Nicholas Brown, Tony Knight, Kate Gaul, Zoe Carides, Adrian Barnes, Paul Caesar, PaulwilliamMawhinney, Ana Maria Belo, Jamie Irvine, Lisa Gormley, Kylie Bonaccorso
      Megan Venhoek, Charlie Dugdale, Jessica Tuckwell
  • biographers
    • Stephanie Claire
    • Blanche d’Alpuget
    • Adrienne Kabos
    • Bertha Lawson
    • Jill Poulton
    • Nancy Wake
  • cartoonists
  • conductors
    • Eugene Goosens
    • Gavin Staines
    • Dr Nicholas Milton
  • dancers
  • editors
    • Max Harris
    • John Reed
  • film/TV producers/editors
    • Ernest Hilton Belling
    • Philip Hickie
    • John Crew
    • Kenneth Cook
  • humorist
    • Lennie Lower
    • Kerry Spithill
  • musicians
    • Brian Day
    • Doc Neeson
    • Bambi Tuckwell
    • Barry Tuckwell
    • Roger Woodward
    • Archie Roach
    • Ying Liu
  • newsreader/current affairs
    • Natarsha Belling
    • Ray Martin
    • Brian Henderson
  • novelists
    • Chris Allen
    • Kate Grenville
    • Louise Mack
    • Matthew Reilly
    • Stephen Reilly
  • organists
    • Nicholas Robins
    • Eddie Horton
    • Charles Tuckwell
    • Barrie Bretonner
    • Knight Barnett
    • Ron Sinclair
    • John Atwell
    • Desmond Tanner
    • Jim Williams
    • Penn Hughes
    • Denis Palaiastra
    • Leslie V. Harvey
    • Stanley Cummins
    • Paul Cullen
    • Idwal Jenkins
    • Muriel Jaevons
    • Ron West
    • George (G.) Vern-Barnett
  •  photographers
    • Max Dupain
    • Rex Dupain
    • Harry Phillips
  • playwrights
    • Betty Roland
    • Lindy Batterham
    • Mona Brand
    • Gwen Meredith
    • Marguerite Dale
  • poets
    •  Cafe poets: Phllip Porter, Luke Fischer, Kit Kelen, Judith Beveridge, Geoff Cartwright, Mona Zahra Attamini,Stephen Edgar,Peter Boyle, Benjamin Murray, Pam Morris, Mark O’Flynn, Garry McCartney, Ian Williamson, Sarah Rice, Mark Tredinnick, Helen Bersten, ‘Frances Roberts, Carol Jenkins, John Carey, Col Grant, Joanne burns, Beverley George, Stephanie Long, Dawn Bruce
      Alison Gorman, Dimitra Harvey, Peter Bakowoski, Jakob Ziguras, Tegan Jane Schetrumpf, Mickey Millner, Miles Merrill,
    • Claret & Cannelloni: Christopher Koch, Mark O’Connor, Peter Porter, Peter Goldsworthy, Chris Wallace Crabbe, Alan Gould, Robert Gray, Jamie Grant, Bruce Beaver, PeterKocan, Jennifer Rankin,
    • Barcroft Boake,
    • Hugh McCrea,
    • Henry Lawson,
    • Les Murray
    • Less Robinson
    • Kenneth Slessor
    • Doug Stewart
    • Francis Webb
    • Jennifer Rankin
    • Harley Matthews
    • ‘Ern Malley’
    • James McAuley
    • Harold Stewart
  • potters
    • John Boyd
    • William Mashman
    • Henry Mashman
    • James Sanderson
    • Thomas Stevens
    • Loma Latour
    • Ralph Walker
    • George Day jnr.
    • Kenneth Day
    • Jack Ronson
    • Derek Smith
    • Etta Easton
  • puppeteers
    • Castlecrag PA
    • Bim Hilder
    • Jeral puppets (John, Jacckie & Nick Lewis)
  • radio personalities
  • sculptors
    • Lee Blattmann
    • Anita Aarons
    • Joan Brassil
    • Arthur Murch
    • Bim Hilder
    • Paul Storm
    • PublicArt including: Joe Hirst, Marie Stucci, Chris Bennett, Suzie Beach,Gaye Porter, Ric McConaghy, Peter Day, Joanne Fuller, Andrew Townsend, Jerrome Lynons Libby Tulip, Phil Spark, Jane Cavanough, Andrew Smith, Daniel Tobin, David Humphries
  • singers
    • Hugh Jackman
    • Lauris Elms
    • Yvonne Kenny
    • Ruth Bucknall
    • Valda Wilson
    • Darren Percival
    • Liam Burrows
    • Johnny O’Keefe
    • Pat Reilly
    • Col Joye
  • television personalities
  • textiles
    • Willoughby Bicentennial Banners Team: Yvonne Line, Malcolm King, Caroline Langley, Bim Hilder, Mr Bray, Emma Bradley, Dot Black, Marjorie Woore, Neville Flynn, Donna Manser, Margaret Maccioni, Sue Alverez, Tracy Bright, Ann Hinchcliffe, Pat Parke, Angela Turner, Jenny Barrett, Madge Miltston, Doris Plim, Peg Palmer
  • writers
    • Burnum Burnum
    • Lyn Gow-Laurie
    • Val Attenbrow
    • Willoughby Bicentennial books: Esther Leslie, Nancy Booker, Ida Bennett, Vince Egan, Eric Wilksch, Jean Michaelides, Grace Warner
    • Children’s books: Joan Aronsten, Anna Fienberg
    • Investigative: Margaret Wenworth, Quentin Dempster
    • Tal Ordell
    • Geoffrey Chandler
    • George Ranken
    • Tim Bowden
    • Meg Stewart
    • Terry Fogarty
    • Jessica Currey
    • Aunty Beryl
    • Jenny Munro
    • Sue Pinkham

The exhibition told the stories of these notables through large panels and smaller profiles of their key achievements, backed by artefacts from our museum collection, both in the main exhibition room and elsewhere at the museum. We look forward to your next visit to the museum to take in this extensive exhibition with the assistance of our guides.


We are also seeking information about the following people:

Location FirstName Surname Category
Castlecrag Anita Aarons Sculptur
Castlecrag John Abbott Artist
Castlecrag Howard Adams Artist
Castlecrag Cecily Adams Writer
Castlecrag Betty Ainsworth PRODUCTION
Chatswood Mona Alexis Writer
Sydney Landscape John Allcot Discovery Artists
Castlecrag Blossom Ballantine Writer
Castlecrag Victoria Baracci Artist
Castlecrag Danny Batterham Film
Castlecrag Bill Bennett Film
Castlecrag Wendy Blacklock Actor
Castlecrag Ascot Blake Musician
Woolwich Old Bommerang Writer
Early Northern Sydney William Bradley Writer
Castlecrag Clive Buhrich Architect
Castlecrag Eva Buhrich Writer
Castlecrag Craig Burton Architect
Castlecrag Phyl Byatt Slversmith
Early Northern Sydney Ralph Clarke Writer
Castlecrag Jennifer Cluff Actor
Early Northern Sydney David Collins Writer
Lindfield Robert Crawford Poet
Ancient Willoughby Jessie Currie Writer
Castlecrag Scotty Denholm Film
Castlecrag Lyn Denman Artist
Castlecrag Lute Drummond PRODUCTION
Castlecrag Diana Dupain Artist
Sydney Landscape Augustus Earle Discovery Artists
Castlecrag Gaye Evans Sculptur
Castlecrag Katrina Foster Film
Castlecrag Greg Foster Musician
Castlecrag David Foster PRODUCTION
Hunters Hill Joseph Fowles Writer
Chatawood Frederick George Architect
Neutral Bay May Gibbs Childrens
Lindfield Ironbark Gibsopn Writer
Castlecrag John Gunn Writer
Castlecrag Rob Guy Graphic Artist
Castlecrag Anthony Harvey Architect
Castlecrag Lorna Harvey Artist
Castlecrag Didy Harvey Potter
Chatswood Jack Healy Poet
Castlecrag Brett Hilder Writer
Castlecrag Jess Hopwood Artist
Castlecrag Nick Hughes PRODUCTION
Crows Nest Peter Jefferson Writer
Lavendar Bay Henry Kendall Writer
Castlecrag Barry Kerr Architect
Castlecrag Iby KeryTana Writer
Castlecrag Anna-Lisa Klettenburgh Artist
Castlecrag Vali Langer Sculptur
Northbridge Will Lawson Poet
Castlecrag Peter Levy Film
Castlecrag Andrew Lovell-Simmons Artist
Castlecrag Judy Lowe Artist
Chatswood Wset Joseph Lycetts Writer
Castlecrag Pakie MacDougal PRODUCTION
Castlecrag Megan Machin Writer
Chatswood Louise Mack Poet?
Castlecrag Gwennyth Mackay Artist
Castlecrag Lesley Mackay Artist
Castlecrag Ervin Mahrer Architect
Castlecrag Michelle Mahrer Film
Castlecrag Francis Maratea Architect
Castlecrag Kaitt Marden Actor
St Leonards Harley Matthews Poet
Castlecrag Art Mayer Film
Castlecrag Cathy McArthur Artist
Castlecrag Danny McLean Film
Castlecrag David McNair Dancer
Castlecrag Ian McNair Dancer
Castlecrag Joan McPherson Potter
Castlecrag David Mitchelhill Graphic Artist
Castlecrag Stan Moriarty Artist
Castlecrag Maurie Morrison Architect
Castlecrag Glen Nicholls Architect
Castlecrag Mary Nichols Architect
Castlecrag Johnnie O’Keefe Musician
Castlecrag Joanna Parkes Musician
Castlecrag Henry Pinor Architect
Castlecrag Ron Piper Graphic Artist
St Leonards George Ranken Writer
Castlecrag Barry Raymond Artist
Castlecrag June Raymond Artist
Castlecrag Charlie Richards Writer
Castlecrag Len Richards Writer
Castlecrag Howard Rubie Film
Castlecrag Robert Sheldon Architect
Chatswood West Clinto Smith Novelist
Castlecrag Patti Somerset Artist
Castlecrag Chris Sorenson Architect
Crows Nest Douglass Stewart Poet
Crows Nest Meg Stewart
Castlecrag Phyllis Stokes Artist
Lane Cove Louise Stone Early 1900s
Castlecrag Peter Swan Architect
Castlecrag Edgar Tardley Actor
Castlecrag Tony Taussig Architect
Castlecrag Elizabeth Teale Actor
Castlecrag Michael Thomas PRODUCTION
Early Northern Sydney Les Thorne Writer
Castlecrag Terry Tipping PRODUCTION
Castlecrag Edgar Turner Artist
Castlecrag Val Valentine Architect
Northbridge Nathan Waks Musician
Castlecrag Ena Webber Musician
Castlecrag Mickie Yardley Actor
Castlecrag Nicky Yardley Actor
Castlecrag Cecil Zuber Writer