HC Price – Chemist


Harcourt Clarence Price established a pharmacy at the top of Victoria Avenue in 1908. The original building was two storied with the sign H.C. Price, Chemist. This sign is barely visible in the photograph below.

Price A

Price Chemist c. 1908 Courtesy: Picture Willoughby

Near Price’s Chemist was a dental practice run by S.H. Knight. This was in a single storey building. Price subsequently purchased this building and erected a new building on the site. The building was named ” Price Building” dated 1922. It appears that the building was sold in 1923 to Washington H. Soul Pattinson and continued to operate as a pharmacy. The white building at this site was subsequently incorporated into the Transport Interchange.

Washinton HC Pattinson Chemist

Demolition on Washington HC Soul Pattinson Chemist 1989.

Courtesy: Picture Willoughby

Price and his family lived at 16 Sutherland Rd. Their property was eventually purchased by Willoughby Council and is now a park. Other members of the family lived in Hercules Street.

Source: Charles E. Price

Terry Fogarty