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Radio 2FC

Part of Sunnyside Estate on the north of the Castlecrag peninsula was the site of Australia’s first licensed radio broadcasting station, 2FC (for its owners, Farmer & Company) claimed to have the most powerful public radio transmitter in the world at this time. It commenced transmission on 5 December 1923. The transmitter was dismantled in 1929

First Longwave Stations
At the time when radio broadcasting first began in Australia, radio engineers of the day considered that the widest coverage could be obtained by emitting high power on a longwave frequency. Consequently, some of Australia’s first radio broadcasting stations transmitted for some years on what has since become the European standard longwave band.

Early 1920s
A total of five different stations in Australia were issued licenses for longwave broadcasting, only three of these stations were launched, and all three were involved in shortwave broadcasting. This is how it happened.

December 5, 1923
The 1st station in Australia to operate on longwave was 2FC in Sydney, which was inaugurated as Australia’s 2nd broadcasting station. This station, which was projected under the callsign 2LO, reminiscent of the more famous 2LO in London, was constructed by AWA, with studios in Farmer’s Building in downtown Sydney, and transmitter at suburban Willoughby.

The initial channel allocated to 2FC was 1100 metres, 273 kHz, with a power of 5 kW. Three years later, the transmitter was re-sited to the AWA facility in outer suburban Pennant Hills, still on longwave. However, at the beginning of the following year, 2FC did transfer from the longwave band, to 442 metres, 680 kHz in the standard mediumwave band.

Broadcasting station 2FC operated on longwave for something over three years, and it was also involved in early shortwave broadcasting. Today, 2FC is still on the air, though under the callsign 2RN, with 50 kW on 576 kHz.
2FC Radio Mast
Erecting 2FC Radio Mast at Willoughby

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ABC site conservation plan

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The initial transmission tower in 1956 was located near the ABC tower at Gore Hill, Sydney. This was eventually demolished after ATN was invited to share a new site at Artarmon which was built by a new 3rd, commercial broadcaster TEN-10.



ATN was invited to share a new site at Artarmon which was built by a new 3rd, commercial broadcaster TEN-10.

“Artarmon Triangle”

“Sydney’s TV Towers”



FOX SPORTS Australia Pty Limited (FOX SPORTS) is Australia’s leading producer of sports
television coverage and is home to Australia’s favourite subscription television sports channels as well as Australia’s number one general sports website. FOX SPORTS is owned by News Corp Australia and is located in a brand-new (2013), purpose-built broadcast facility in Artarmon on Sydney’s north shore, with operations nationwide.


2NSB Northside – FM 99.3

The station began broadcasting in May 1983 from a property in Orchard Road, Chatswood, transmitting to the North Shore – an area that covers the Municipalities of Willoughby, Lane Cove, North Sydney, Mosman and Ku-ring-gai.

The station was originally broadcasting on FM91.5. Following a move to the FM99.3 frequency in 2003, the station was rebranded Rhythm & Jazz, encompassing a range of genres from traditional jazz to smooth jazz, funk, soul, blues and world music. The station now serves the whole of the North Shore community with a mix of music best described as ‘adult contemporary’, with a wide range of news, views, information and just good fun.

2MBS FM 102.5

The station is run by the Music Broacasting Society of NSW Co-operative Ltd. The Society was formed in 1970 with the intention of broadcasting ‘fine music’

History of Radio in Australia Courtesy CMS Radio FM 91.1