Willoughby’s Tanneries Table

Name Owner Years Operating Notes
Rosewall Tannery James Forsyth & sons 1869-1900 Failed 1890s depression
Union Tannery Henry Owen/Charles Owen 1873-1933 Cnr Victoria Ave & Warrane Rd. To Bugden’s Tannery
The Grange Stephenson family/ James B Forsyth 1881-1950s Large tannery; taken over James B Forsyth 1941
Cunningham Brothers William Cunningham/ Athol Stephenson 1882-1940s In High Street, Willoughby
Glenlock Tannery Walter Chaffer/W Chaffer & Sons P/L 1885-1985 Last operating tannery in Willoughby
Bailey’s Tannery George Bailey and his sons 1887-1940s Small tannery on Scotts Creek
JB Forsyth P/L James Brown Forsyth 1892-1950s Large tannery on Scotts Ck
Scott Brothers Thomas Scott and sons 1896-1940s On Scotts Ck. Sold to Sydney and Arthur Chaffer 1938
White’s Tannery George White 1897-1924 Adjacent Scott’s Tannery
Horsley’s Tannery Richard Horsley/J Horsley & Son P/L 1897-1950s On Scotts Creek
Geering’s Tannery Sidney Geering and Gerald Geering 1898-1963 One of largest tanneries in NSW by 1907
Roslyn Tannery CT Saxton/ Thomas Gates 1899-1920s? Located in High Street. To Forsyth Pizzey & Gates 1912
Johnston’s Tannery Joseph B Johnston/ JB Johnstone P/L 1900-1961 Sold W Chaffer & Sons P/L
Wilson Brothers Lesley Edward & George Henry Wilson 1902-1980s In High Street, Willoughby
Enterprise Tannery Broomham Brothers 1906-1950s On Rosewall Tannery site. To Willoughby Bus Depot 1957
Forsyth Pizzey & Gates Forsyth Pizzey & Gates Limited 1912-1930s? Took over Roslyn Tannery
Obern Tannery George H Obern/G Obern & Sons P/L 1924-c1960 In High Street, Willoughby
Progressive Tannery Sidney Bugden/ Sidney Bugden P/L 1935-1964 On site of Union Tannery, Closed after fire damage.