The Willoughby Museum collection includes an extensive collection of historic photographs pertaining to the City of Willoughby. These include:

David Warner Collection: Over 600 photographs of Willoughby Municipal Council Depression era projects taken by officers between 1932 and 1938. They include the construction of the Willoughby Incinerator and the Northbridge Golf Course; the Council Depot, road making plant and vehicles; the building and upgrading of streets across the city; upgrading spots grounds and swimming pools at Northbridge, Gore Hill, Artarmon Reserve, Chatswood and Roseville; construction of Fullers Bridge on the Lane Cove River and its new road approaches; and garbage collection activities.

Hammond Family Collection: Historic photos of Hammond’s butchery on the Pacific Highway at Chatswood and its employees. There is also a collection of old postcards donated by Isabel Hammond.

Jack Millen Collection:  A small collection of photographs relating to the carrier business of Jack Millen of Ann Street, Willoughby, including construction of his horse paddock, feeding his cart horses, road building in the Griffin Estate, Castlecrag, and his motor lorry as delivered circa 1926.

Postcard collection: A range of early 20th century postcards of the Suspension Bridge, Northbridge, the North Shore Railway and Artarmon railway station, and scenic features, notably Willoughby Waterfalls.

Castle Cove photos: Historic photos of the golf course, biodynamic farm and prominent citizens used for the 1988 Bicentenary book.

Castlecrag photos: A wider range of historic photos, including images used for the 1988 Bicentenary book, the opening of the Griffin Memorial Fountain in 1965, and the opening of The Quadrangle Shopping Village in 1978.

Chatswood photos: Early postcards featuring Chatswood features, images used for the 1988 Bicentenary book, and early photos of the Great Northern Hotel and Chatswood Ice Works donated by John E Brown.

Northbridge Images: Historic photos used for the 1988 Bicentenary book, additional images of the rebuilding of the Suspension Bridge in the 1930s and photos of local churches.

A number of these photos appear on the website and/or have been published in Willoughby History Chatters.