We have recently introduced a series of postcards for sale at the Museum Shop, which can be either purchased at the museum as a memento of your visit or as an online purchase.

South Chatswood Conservation Area: each of these postcards presents 30 contemporary images highlighting particular features of the fine Federation and Late Victorian houses to be found within this heritage conservation area. There are currently three postcards in the series as follows:

Chimneys low


Chimneys: The range of chimneys and their ornaments in Federation Chatswood is remarkable as this selection demonstrates.


Posts Brakets low


Posts & Brackets: Dominant verandahs with brick pillars and timber posts and brackets embellished with artistic decorations characterise Federation homes, while those in late Victorian style have narrow verandahs and posts with wrought iron features. This selection demonstrates the range of individual style present in Federation Chatswood.

Gables Brackets low


Gables & Details: Decorative brickwork on all sides of the house and the style of gables demarcate the Federation house from those of the earlier Victorian era, together with the creativeness of the surrounding garden. This postcard captures the variety than can be views within the South Chatswood Conservation Area.