Upon Request Walks

We offer a number of upon request. These include:

  • Upstairs – Downstairs in Old Chatswood
  • Bushland and residents in East Willoughby
  • Harnett’s Ridge Walk
  • Griffin Conservation Area
  • Flat Rock Creek walk
  • Griffin Bicentennial Walk

Some details of these walks are included below.

“Upstairs – Downstairs in Old Chatswood”

Windsor Gardens
Windsor Gardens

This is a short journey through time and space, starting literally up the stairs at Windsor Gardens, built 1888 and now one of Chatswood’s oldest standing buildings. From there the walk proceeds through the old South Chatswood Conservation Area to see the old gardens and plantings, and the interior of at least one further home.

The accent is on the continuing state of preservation of late Victorian and Federation Chatswood in what was Harnett’s well planned development, perhaps Sydney’s oldest ‘garden suburb’ development. Architectural and garden details are explained as the walk  leads to the ultra modern Concourse where we literealy conclude with the downstairs into the Library to see the display and reading areas, the stacks, the Willoughby Room  and the conservators; facilities. Time permitting there are possible extensions to the Concert halls of the Concourse, the Willoughby Banners, and also to the Society’s Museum.

Bushland and Residences in East Willoughby.

Willis Castle
Willis Castle

The principal theme of this walk is Walter Burley Griffin in a far less concentrated approach that can be had from a closer tour in the Griffin Estate.

The walk commences on the Sugarloaf at Middle Cove viewing the carefully maintained bushland, the beautiful views of Middle Harbour, and quite some details of Willis’ Castle and the Waterfront Cottages and the boat building industry, both visually accessible from the Sugarloaf.

This tour requires transport, with the next all being into the Griffin Estate  to view the Haven Amphitheatre (circumstances permitting) and a quick view into the Griffin Estate and external views of some of the Griffin houses from the walkways and internal reserves. The tour concludes down at Flat Rock Creek with the Incinerator (best seen mid week when the gallery is open),and This walk heads of her and circumstances permitting, an impromptu Henry Lawson experience.


Bicentennial Reserve and Flat Rock Creek

Hallstrom Refrigerator
Hallstrom Refrigerator

This walk heads down to Tunks Park, which focuses on the Willoughby Incinerator and its history, together with Council’s rehabilitation of the bushland and construction of the footpath through to Artarmon Reserve, as well as the Aboriginal art features. The Hallstrom Refrigerator factory may also get some coverage.


Griffin Federation Walking Track

Walter Burley Griffin Bust.jpg
Burley Grfifin bust


The Griffin Federation Walking Track goes from The Rampart in Castlecrag to Bicentennial Reserve via Warners Park and Flat Rock Creek, which offers impressive bushland and some steep  climbs.

The walks of the Griffin Estate in Castlecrag cover the core features of Walter Burley Griffin’s modernist urban design principles, a selection of the Griffin houses and exploration of the numerous reserves and walkways in the Estate. They usually take two hours or more.

The Kaleidoscope Walk

Discover the unique history along a trail between Chatswood Station and Chatswood Chase.


2017 Visual Arts Biennial and Historic Walk

Harnett’s Ridge Walk


Harnett’s Ridge Walk