Global Index 9Jul20 20200522

Note: The Global Index is an Excel spreadsheet.

As per Excel’s “Find” function you can search a specific “worksheet” or the whole ”workbook”.

The Index comprises details from:

  • the research files,
  • Leslie files,
  • Bicentennial books,
  • book library,
  • chatters,
  • journals,
  • newsletters,
  • Chatters ,and
  • Maps.

As each set if data has its own format you may need to adjust cell widths for particular sections of the Index.

Note: There is am excellent set of information available at the Chatswood Library History site (including searchable versions of the Bicentennial Suburb books.

WDHS Journals Indexes 1979 to 1990

Global Index 26 Feb 2018

WDHS Newsletters

Chatters Indexes 2009 to 2012

Chatters Single File

Suburb Books  Bicentennial 1988

Maps Index