House names



When Chatwood as a residential suburb began to be developed from the late 1890s most houses were identified by a house name, not a number. The names may have developed from a number of sources eg: a family name, where the family originated from, classical references or aboriginal names.

By the mid 1920s house numbers were becoming the normal postal identification in a street address.

However many of these original names remain as nameplates on numerous Chatswood houses. One hundred and thirty five nameplates feature on these panels.
Some houses have been renamed with more modern versions.

There are some one hundred and fifty names still viewable on Chatswood houses, substantially in the North Chatswood (inc Roseville) and South Chatswood Federation and Interwar built heritage conservation areas.

The house addresses are not identified for privacy purposes.
All photos were taken from the public domain – the footpath.
( REW Imagery©)


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